Who Am I?

Hello visitor, 

if you are currently reading this, I am most likely binging an T.V. show I've been trying to keep up with since it came out, two seasons ago.  I can't possibly sit still unless there's a T.V. in front of me. Otherwise, I'm outside in the world constantly talking to people. It's one of my best strengths, a chatter box. I blame it on being an extrovert, I need to talk to people otherwise my energy level will go dangerously low to the point where I feel the need to call my mom for comfort. (Just kidding.) 

What is my mission?

My mission is to serve my community as an archivist, a journalist, a photographer, a storyteller, you name it.  I use my skills to find the heart of the story,  convey authenticity, intimacy and just show that I care. It's not an easy task, because it's all about the trust and relationship I build with my storyteller. It's always going to be the person's story, it's my job to help bring it to the world. 

Where do I live?

As of right now, I'm living in my hometown, Fishers, IN. I'm hoping to get out of the area to meet more people. I do enjoy being in the Midwest, but I need a change of scenery, because I know there's a community out there I didn't even know existed. I need to travel more. 

Why am I photographer?

Honestly, it was a spark of curiosity. I didn't know anything about photojournalism, except that I wanted to make pretty pictures.

No here's the truth, in high school I wanted to be just like Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek, and João Silva. (Yes the Bang Bang Club) However, what I didn't know was the truth behind photojournalism.

As I got older I started to understand that photojournalism is more than just pretty images or images that will win a Pulitzer. It's about the people. It's about the communities that are being misrepresented and the culture that's being stuck behind the shadows. It also is about the people who have survived hardship, just like everyone else. People are who matter, not the awards and prize money. (No disrespect to grand award photographers, I look up to them and the the work they create, because they know it's about the community not themselves.)

How do you contact me? 

You can contact me at amador889@gmail.com or 317-727-4318.  

Or let's connect elsewhere: 

Download  a PDF of the resume here


BOYD STATION PHOTOGRAPHER Ed Reinke Recipient | June - Aug. 2019| Boyd, KY
• Documenting Harrison County to then put into an archieve project called
• Project 306.36
• Build relationships with the people in the county, finding stories, making connections
• Photographs in-depth stories storytelling through documentary photography.

PHOTO EDITOR Ball Bearings Magazine | August 2018 -May 2019 | Muncie, Ind. 
• Trains and mentors new photo staff
• Teaches new photo techniques in portrait, illustration and journalism photography.
• Photographs in-depth stories online and in print and incorporates new ways of storytelling through documentary photography.
• Works with art director and content editors on developing illustrations, photo essays and cover photos 

STAFF REPORTER Ball State Daily News | Aug 2015 - PRESENT | Muncie, Ind.
• Photographs, writes and produces videos for news, sports, features and opinion stories in a deadline driven environment
• Shoots daily assignments and creates self-assigned content.
• Collaborates with reporters, designers and editors to create quality content for our readers
• Trains and mentors new photographers on staff 

FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER The Noblesville Times | April 2018- Jan 2019 | Noblesville, Ind.
• Photographed feature, breaking news and sports
• Photographed assignments monthly 

 June 2018 - Jan 2019 | New Castle, Ind.
• Photographed features, spot news, in a deadline driven environment• Reported multiple written assignments each day 
• Photographed local businesses in town for the Explore Magazine
• Managed Social Media posts and uploaded daily content on Facebook and Instagram 

CULTURE PHOTOGRAPHER BSU at the Games | June - July 2016 | São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro
• Created self-assigned stories and galleries for the immersive learning classand put up galleries on Games website
• Photographed daily assignments in Brazil such as street photography,farmers market and the culture life of Brazil.
• Polly Magazine, a culture publication in Cincinnati, Ohio, published myphotos ‘Beautifying Brazil, One Tile at a Time’   

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